GO WHERE EAT is a place where people can share their favorite eat-out places and allow food photographers to demonstrate their talents in food photography. GO WHERE EAT is built in mind to provide a place for businesses to seek out talented food photographers for their job and to allow people to stop asking among themselves the question "GO WHERE EAT?". You can say that GO WHERE EAT is a big food menu whenever you wish to eat outside.

GO WHERE EAT is also a food photographer and food lover portfolio where all pictures and food on GO WHERE EAT are copyrighted to their respective owners. We do not take any credit for the food that you have found or the fantastic photographs that you have taken, creating an environment for people to market their talent and food.

The Mission

The mission of GO WHERE EAT is to establish a place where all food lovers and photographers can share and record their individual food and photography in an established environment and also finding the best food and food photographers around the world within one place!

The Story

GO WHERE EAT is founded on 2010 by Clay and Li Wun. The idea of GO WHERE EAT comes from everyday life. Rather than just eating and tantalising our tastbuds, we want to fully utilize the money we paid for. Hence, GO WHERE EAT is created to share where we have been eating and allow others to join us to create this "big food menu" .

The name comes from our daily conversation of "GO WHERE EAT?", repeatedly asking each other where to eat without knowing what to eat. The world wide web is big and we have many food bloggers and photographers around the country but finding food is often difficult since we need to visit multiple blog and flip through each entry one by one. By the time we found the food we want, we are dead hungry.

Hence, we though of having a "big food menu" so that food bloggers are able to get notice through review links from GO WHERE EAT to their review blogs and talented food photographers can be easily scout within a country with all the fantastic looking photographs. More importantly, hungry people can now search for food easily with delicious looking photos, blogger and non blogger reviews and good rating system!

Have a few food photos out of your camera? What are you waiting for? Join us now! =)

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